by Pok

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~~~ WHATEVER YOU ARE, WHATEVER YOU DO ~~~ Jacob T. Blackmore stood at the centre of the road The dust from the Buick smarts him so he shifts his load He could see that he was alone Feeling that it was a tone cooler now than when he'd been in Suitcase held in his sweating left hand He needs his quick right free to shield his eyes from the sun What had his clear Lady Mrs B said that morning Before his irrational hitch east? High may you be, may you prosper May a fair wind blow on your cheek Who was that mystery face that I dreamt or hallucinated last night? Jacob has been wondering about her alright He knew it wasn't a fault seeing these things at all It's just that once in every so often you get someone who can see visions Who could it be? It's just that once in every so often a bit of bleeding heart breaks to diamond What is so frequently jet black anger is what we have longed Ancestral voices from the insane Why is Jacob's mind totally flipped sideways again Is it the cocaine? Tired of wasting time his nose felt for another line Jacob sought the powder white courtrooms of justice There he knew he was alone For his body made a groan And all the people sitting round they were no good They'd already been sold to poor dealers What does it show when you've got this far and you can't turn back Keep your arch straight and your eye to the crack Pay attention to what the wise earthworm says You don't lose wisdom if you ain't got a head Said the sparrow As he sat on his pack rolling a joint in his lap Jacob's mind transcends the dusty road where he's at He could sense there was someone there A voice that had got lost on the air Someone saying ever so softly things that he just loved to hear And you know what they say? They say there'll be other days Days have come and days have changed and days will come again Your body and your feelings will soar past you soon I am that Martian from the Disney cartoon And I want you to listen to me There she sat thin beautiful detached Her shining face and long dark hair were an eerie match He could feel that she'd been calling him Could it be real would she let him in Something so infinitely wise smiled in her charming ice blue eyes And she said Ah it's all right rest your worried head on my breasts tonight You cannot have me I am not of human kind But you show me what you want to find And I'll show you what you want to see Jacob spent the night in Martian arms Which opened inner seas of many calm colours and voices He could feel her flesh was his own Surely more people than that should have known For the first time in his life a young hung-up hitcher became the hero of himself And that's important Don't be deceived by those who would tell you any thing Deceived be don't by that which is you is you is ain't who And while you're wondering who young Jacob resembles Spare a thought for us all we are ensemble Whatever you are Whatever you do Do not worry I am one too
CORDELIA DREAMS <no lyrics> Music by Simon Miller. Copyright ℗ 1982 Pok Songs/Explicit Music.
WANTED TO BE A SINGER Wanted to be a singer in a rock'n'roll band Back home where my zodiac lay Wanted everyone to follow in my footsteps See like me and be a part of my creation Wanted the whole universe to follow Especially my guitar And room to practice in Wanted everything so shiny with repects to you Ooh I've wondered Ooh I've wondered Ooh I've wondered Just what's going on And she breaks like a little child
WE KNOW YOU WELL I saw you dosing in your room last night You thought you were racing but your face it was white I'd like to make you but the wall's in the way I'd like to take you but you're drifting away And we know you well We know you well Wise master sat at your desk in school Who are you kidding? Who's the fool? You like to push pens in the wisdom of your years Don't you know yet that your mind is full of fears? And we know you well We know you well Wisdom of ages is there in your head? Would you use it or abuse it instead? That you knew the word you knew was all that was real Universe there in your hands, how does that make you feel? And we know you well We know you well
WEST WIND BLOWING West wind blowing on the eastern side of my face West wind blowing on the eastern side of my face And I'm only knowing that it might just save me grace East wind blowing, you know it's gonna blow my mind East wind blowing, it's gonna blow my mind I was talking to him he says he ain't gonna treat me so unkind That south wind blowing, she wants to blow me home South wind blowing, she wants to blow me home Home, home, home I like what you're saying but it's just not the way that I am going North wind blowing you know it chills me to the bone North wind blowing really chills me right to the bone It always always takes me takes me right out of the known Out of the known, out of the known West wind blowing on the eastern side of my face West wind blowing on the eastern side of my face And I'm only knowing that it might just save me grace Save me grace
DISTANCED RECOGNITION I got a distanced recognition from a girl that you might know Got a permanent erection, I hope it doesn't show Oo-ee Mama someone's on my tail She's got everything that looks good on her Boy I could take that girl
CUNNING AND TRICKS There was a train coming in to my borderlands It looked like it was pretty full It's loaded with many crates and much cargo Through which I'll have to shift And though it really isn't permitted I'd be thankful for some help The world of work and partying Wanted to interview me I took a look and spat out a tooth Walked away so lonely And I don't recall anyone laughing And I don't recall looking you in the eye Of the seven white knights that I met on the road Only one turned his head to me He opened his mouth and the words just fell out While he waved his sword in the air But he spoke in rhymes in riddles And I didn't catch any he said Just then a dove flew out from above And I fainted there where I stood A man told me once to be prosperous Either that or I read it somewhere But whose advice should you take in the end When you're up against cunning and tricks And it seemed I was looking something in the eye Which I had forgotten or overlooked before Now it's a real hang to have so many plans But not the bullets to start with I'll take my leave just as soon as I please I just wish someone understands And that's why I'm howling names on a hilltop Yes that's why I'm calling your name
Summer '83 01:49
SUMMER '83 Did you ever get around Smoking posies in the round Did you ever get to see The rainbow effect left on me Can we be Can we see Do we always have to sit in this uncomfortable position Is it more than we could ask for I don't know I'll ask my Ma Will we ever get out of here Will we ever see those same old faces Will we ever finish our mission To the sun
The Lecher 04:52
THE LECHER Lecher crawls, his fingers groping Skinny hands and eyes like fire Don't you just want to know him? Really, I don't think you wanna try He's the lecher He's the lecher Lecher crawls, his fingers groping Skinny hands and eyes like fire Don't you just want to know him? Really, I don't think you wanna try He's the lecher He's the lecher
FREIGHT TRAIN (PAINS) Freight train coming in from the east Where it's going is where I care the least Whispered messages that I did not hear Take me to the place that my body needs I don't know what's happening I hope I can eat today Judge and all his courtiers looking down upon me They say: this is the cripple that wants to be free He says we owe it to him, it's in his heritage Wants to know when we're going to let him out of his cerebral cage Justice should be seen to Let's put him away Well thank God for that They've split the scene I was beginning to think I was lost Gotta get back into normal living Plug in that TV screen Gonna pull myself together Gonna have a cool bourbon on ice After all things like that don't occur Think of the children It ain't nice Listen son you've had you're fun Don't go acting on the run Stop wasting time around here You want to live, you want to give You want to cut above the rest Go on out and get it To the top Some people say I left my soul riding on that freight train I'm inclined to agree It has affected my whole brain Don't listen to authorities that claim they've sussed it all Keep on driving on your own track Take care they don't make you fall Take care they don't make you fall Take care they don't make you fall Take care they don't make you fall Don't let the bastards grind you down Take care they don't make you fall Take care they don't make you fall
Young Light 02:36
YOUNG LIGHT When I'm close to you like this What is it that I miss Always takes so many years And meanwhile your conscience sneers To be always there Always there To be always there Always there Silver dust is in your hair You can become aware You can tell a sunset by the way she moves her eyes You can't catch the wind but you sure can try You can try Try You can try You can try Young light Young light You will always be turned on for me Young light I can hear you calling me You will always be turned on For us
~ ~ ~ SILVER SHIPS ON THE SEA ~ ~ ~ Winter's call is calling Through the leaves You can hear the rustling sounds saying Free me please Said the seventh angel standing Amid the trees Say please come taste my simple wines Please come to your rest All along the stone strewn causeway Serpents coil and hiss Beckoning and whispering Bowing for the kiss See me and free me Do which is best Be me and free me Do which is best And there's a hundred thousand elves Waiting in their boats of sunlight Waitng and waiting for the rite For the rite Spring times are come again And we are but men Speaking and seeking Beginning again And you who stand on the border Waiving goodbye You wouldn't listen to their words You recognised the lie Come down to the sea At dawn with me Our boat is a bobbing and a rocking on the waves How is it you look at me, is it how I you? Are we agreed on our journeys being long due? Being long due And so the end Was only the beginning I rose to catch the sun But found it missing Loneliness oh loneliness My only guide A boat a-bobbing Way out on the tide Way out on the tide


Anthology by Pok the Bard.

This album is under construction and new songs will be added when they are finished.

There are around 40 songs in total. As well as the songs that are finished and released here in this collection, there are many others in varying stages of finalisation.

You can follow Wud Records on Twitter and keep an eye on our News service for future release announcements. There is always work beuing done behind the scenes and another song is usually nearing completion.

When the Anthology album is finally finished we will be looking at different physical release formats, including a multi-CD album, multiple individual CDs, vinyl and cassette.

If you have already downloaded the Anthology album and discover that a new song has appeared, please contact and we'll try to send you a free copy using modern technology.

Anthology is a collection of the early songs of Pok and friends, also known as The Masters of Drone.

Back in the day we simply didn't have the equipment or skills to do them justice. Now, we have. :)

See also:!/WudRecords


released February 18, 2012

Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered at Wud Records Studio One, Exeter and Central Europe.

Photography by Claudie Ferri and Cliff Smith.
Graphic design by Sam James.


all rights reserved



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EU/UK indie label founded 1984. Eclectic, outsider, progrock composition and musicianship.

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